Having worked in the ‘natural’ ‘eco’ ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ design and construction fields for many years, we have concluded that the most sustainable buildings use virtually no energy in use and ‘embody’ as few resources in their construction as possible.

Many ‘eco’ building methods actually use incredibly energy intensive and toxic materials in their make up, claiming to be eco because the resulting buildings use very little energy to heat. On the other side of the spectrum, those advocating natural materials such as straw, timber and earth often sacrifice energy efficiency in use by prioritising low embodied energy materials.

We now know that you can do both. This is truly ‘eco’ building and is what we strive for in every project we do.Our principles of low impact, comfort and delight guide all our design and construction practices.

our architecture design process


brief development and site analysis

Together we will formulate a brief for the project, communicating with you regularly throughout the design process via our project management app Trello. During this stage, we synthesise all aspects of the brief,consider any planning constraints, and consult with specialists and local authorities if needed.


concept design

During this stage we work with the ideas that fulfil the brief to the greatest extent,communicating with you via sketches and 3D models, getting your input along the way and evaluating against any constraints such budget or site.


developed design

At this stage we take the preferred concept to the next level of detail, engaging other consultants, such as engineers, as necessary. During this stage we will always model your design in PHPP energy modelling software and if necessary,will use hygrothermal modelling to test construction methods. This is a key part of the process where we can optimise the design for its energy efficiency and comfort.


detailed design

Once the concept has been refined and finalised, we can begin documenting for building consent. This is often the most time-consuming stage and we will keen you updated via Trello. Our building team will have an input at this stage, reviewing the design detailing from a buildability perspective.

Hiberna Graph

Pricing: If you are using Hiberna for the build as well as the design phase, we can provide in depth pricing. If you are using a different contractor we recommend the engagement of a Quantity Surveyor at this stage.

Construction: Hiberna can provide a build service within the Queenstown Lakes district. Our design and build teams work together to ensure all project outcomes are met