Hiberna Strawbale Passive House

We were the designer, builder, Passive House consultant and client for this project so it has a special place in our hearts. It is also the first strawbale certified Passive House outside of Europe. We chose strawbale and timber frame because of the very low carbon footprint of these materials.

The house is also one of only a couple of Passive House Plus projects in NZ. This means that the house generates as much energy as it uses.

We had a lot of fun with the interiors with this project. More than 10 years of dreaming!

We tried to use as many natural and reclaimed materials and fit out items as possible.

A Homestar rating is underway.

Many thanks to Alpine Image Co for the beautiful photos.



Year of construction:


Construction Type:

Strawbale walls with earth/lime plasters. Framed roof. Thermally isolated concrete slab. Timber triple glazed windows


Photovoltaics 3kW

Space Heating Energy Demand:

10.5kWh/m2.a : Certified Passive House Plus

Project Team:

Architecture: Hiberna Ltd
Construction: Hiberna Ltd
Engineering: Ezed Ltd
Interior Design: Malin Clarenbeck and Hiberna Ltd

Link to Passive House database

Link to Sustainable Engineering case study

Link to ODT article

Suppliers and trades:

Wanaka Solar https://wanakasolar.com/

Ignite Plumbing

Warm and Cool https://www.warmandcool.co.nz/

Triple Glazing NZ https://www.tripleglazing.co.nz/