Hawea Grove

Keith from Hawea Grove approached Hiberna on the recommendation of their structural engineer, Paula Hugens and their architectural designer, Minimal Design who had both worked with us previously. Keith quickly saw the value in modelling the design to determine its performance and also to refine the insulation levels.

A project in achievable sustainability!

As a journey in sustainable, eco-focused building, the goal of The Hawea Grove project is to create a tasteful, sustainable living and visitor sanctuary, among a grove of established fruit and nut trees.

Hawea Grove Series

The objective is to showcase the twists and turns of creating and managing a sustainable, eco-focused building project, and to help promote the products and practices of the partnering suppliers.

Keith has a total of 20 episodes planned in 2020, taking viewers from the vacant land beginnings right through to the completion of the house (which is just phase one, we can’t tell you about phase two just yet).

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