our principles

We are building professionals who delight in the synergy of natural, low tech materials and high tech, science-based design and construction methods.

Having worked in the ‘natural’ ‘eco’ ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ design and construction fields for more than 15 years, we have concluded that the most sustainable buildings use virtually no energy in use and ‘embody’ as few resources in their construction as possible.

Many ‘eco’ building methods actually use incredibly energy intensive and toxic materials in their make up, claiming to be eco because the resulting buildings use very little energy to heat. On the other side of the spectrum, those advocating natural materials such as straw, timber and earth sacrifice energy efficiency in use by prioritising low embodied energy materials.

We now know that you can do both.

This is truly ‘eco’ building and is what we strive for in every project we do.

Our principles of low impact, comfort and delight guide all our design and construction practices.

If you agree that the future of building lies in buildings that are comfortable and healthy, have little environmental impact and are full of delight, we would love to hear from you.